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Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co

Dec 2

Stamped Concrete - Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co


Have you thought about sprucing your concrete home on the budget? What about creating a space that's different from other spaces without breaking your budget? If so, stamped concrete is the right choice. The team at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co are ready to meet your stamped concrete needs.


Concrete stamping is a good option to give your concrete surfaces a new life. This technique can turn a regular concrete finish in to a work of art. You can choose from a variety of colors, textures, and designs. It is also possible to make it embossed in order to resemble other materials.


Concrete stamping can give your property an economical alternative to expensive pavement materials. These are the kind of materials that consist of tiles and bricks. Butthe great thing about this is that it does not compromise its durability and appearance. Also, you can use this technique on various concrete surfaces. It's a good option for decks for your pool, patios, driveways, entranceways, and even more.


Advantages of stamped concrete


Also known as decorative concrete, stamped concrete has real advantages in terms of aesthetics, performance as well as cost savings. To provide you with a clear picture of what we're talking about and the key advantages of stamped concrete


Greater Durability

Stamped Concrete is durable enough that it can withstand weather temperature, temperature, and hazardous external elements. If it is built correctly, as any concrete surfaceit could be used for a number of years. This is why it is essential to get an professional to put it up for you. Additionally, concrete surfaces that are stamped can withstand traffic and wear.


Minimal Maintenance

Decorated concrete surfaces are easy to maintain regardless of color or texture. You can clean off dust using a sprayer or clean debris off with a simple sweeper. Unlike concrete pavers, stamped concrete surfaces do not settle or loose. Additionally, they don't require replacement or replacing or resetting.


Easy Installation Process

Many concrete builders find it simpler and cheaper in pouring concrete than install individual paving stones manually. Constructing a concrete slab or making a pattern takes less time than the installation of pavers piece-by-piece.


It adds value to your property

Stamped concrete instantly enhances curb appeal. In addition, it adds aesthetic value of the property. Making the decision to use stamped concrete instead of plain concrete will enable you to get the most out of your investment.



Stamped concrete can be a good alternative to expensive construction materials. This process reproduces the luxury of materials like natural stone, brick tiles, wood, and brick. It's costly than less expensive simple concrete. However, it's cheaper as compared to actual kinds of these products. Typically, decorative concrete costs approximately $9 to $16.25 in square feet. However, for designs with a premium finish as well as custom-designed decorative designs it may go higher. And, since concrete stamped is simple to maintain, it can help you save on maintenance over the long term.


Stamped Concrete Projects


Our team here at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co have decades of experience in delivering quality stamped concrete projects. We produce realistic copies of expensive materials for an affordable price. We are the top concrete contractor in the Knoxville, TN area.


Our company stamps different concrete projects including:


  • Concrete Patio
  • Concrete Driveway
  • Concrete Floors
  • Concrete Resurfacing


With this service, you can make standard concrete more beautiful and unique. We can design your dream patio style or recreate a concrete floor pattern that you would like at a cost that is lower. Our company provides a vast variety of color options, patterns, and textures for you to select from. Also, we do the personalization of your design should you desire an additional personal approach to your concrete project.


What We Can Do


Here at Knoxville Concrete Contractors Co take very seriously our concrete stamping work. We are a renowned concrete stamping company for Knoxville, Tennessee, to the present. To ensure that we provide the highest quality stamped concrete adhere to these steps:


Step 1: Evaluation


Our team will ensure that the stamping area is suitable for overlay. So, we inspect for any small damages and make repairs when necessary. If the slab is severely damaged slab, we would suggest that you change it prior to stamping. If we're working with a new concrete surface, we examine your area, focusing on the soil's condition. We verify that the soil is suitable to the project, as the condition of the soil can influence the overall output of the construction.


Step 2: Preparation


We make sure the surface is clean prior to pouring the overlay. This step is crucial to ensure that the overlay adheres to the surface. If there are previous overlays they should be removed first. Through this process, you can ensure that we begin at a brand new, blank slate. In addition, this method includes the delivery of supplies to the site. Being able to have everything needed on site will allow us to begin and complete the project in time.


Step 3. Pouring the overlay


Once the area is ready and the area is ready, we pour the overlay. Our team of concrete experts make sure that we pour it on the top, spread and then make sure to level it. Then, we stamp it using stamp mats based on your preference patterns or designs. We can customize the surface that we stamp. Based on your preferences, it can be engraved, scored, or stained.


Step 4 Step 4: Sealing


To finish the process In order to finish the whole process, we add a layer of concrete sealer over the concrete we stamped. This adds a protective layer and adds a little shine. It also helps enhance the colors you've chosen if you opt for a stained look. Concrete sealers also aid in extending the lifespan for any surface made of concrete. Don't worry, we use only top-quality concrete sealers and offer top-quality, high-quality results.

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