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Printing and Manufacturing Options for your customised laptop sleeves

Aug 4

Custom Laptop Sleeves - Printing and Manufacturing Options

Custom-printed and custom-made laptop sleeves are a great method to introduce your brand and design to a basic technology accessory. The world's workforce is mobile than ever and working from a variety of places every single day of the week. From hot-desking every day to various desks and offices, to working from home or at the local coffee shop all the way to work and leisure travel, where work can be completed in a plane, bus or train. Due to this, laptops and tablets have become the main tool to increase productivity in today's constantly connected global workforce that is always connected and online. The same is true of the educational sector in which computing in some form or another is utilized from a young age all the way to school and into the educational system.

In the wake of the increased usage of laptops and tablets computers as well as laptop computers, there is a significant increase in the requirement bags and protective sleeves for these devices, in order to keep from expensive repairs that can be avoided with using a laptop sleeves.

That's where a top-quality laptop sleeve manufacturer can help. Laptop sleeves offer the perfect combination of two worlds They are as light and comfortable as carrying your laptop on its own and with protection against wear and tear from bags for laptops. We'll discuss exactly what a laptop sleeve actually is and what it's made of in a moment, but suffice to say that they're today's laptop security and care. The right laptop sleeve maker is a top priority.

What exactly is a laptop sleeve?

The most sought-after items of protection for your tablet or laptop computer is sleeves. It is typically made of a robust neoprene material, sleeves provide simple ways to guard against scratches, knocks and bumps as well as keeping all of the components together. Laptops can be placed inside the sleeve and put in the bag on its own or in a bag. Most people don't need a huge laptop bag, and the sleeve is the perfect solution.

It is possible to purchase an ordinary sleeve at many electronic stores, for affordable prices. Simple and efficient, yet there's an opportunity to add branding to the item, which goes everywhere along with the user. A custom-printed and produced laptop sleeve is an easy way to include your logo to this item that is seen all over.

The advantages of a completely customized laptop sleeves

What does it refer to when we say you can order an individual laptop sleeve made to order? It's a way to obtain any logo, image symbol, or logo emblazoned on it. It implies that the laptop sleeves you choose to use will be distinct from other laptop sleeves in the market, and when they look at your laptop's sleeves, they will associate it with your school, business branding, organization, or even brand.

Here are some of the advantages of a custom-printed and made laptop sleeves.

Be unique Custom Merchandise is on the rise, and having your company's logo placed on a sleeve will help to enhance your brand's image and give you exposure. If you're looking to link your laptop sleeves to a chic and elegant bank, with an elegant embossed style or pair your laptop sleeves to an innovative clothing line You can make use of your laptop sleeve for the image of a prestigious or punk rock country club , or nightclub.

Size and Fit Since we design laptop sleeves from scratch and can create the sleeves specifically for laptops. This means you won't have a case that is generic and could be too small, or too large. These cases are the right size for you!

Branding Again, it is mostly about branding, and everything can be done with sleeves like these. If you're looking for an unassuming logo printed or a full-color printed sleeve, you can get it with the image of your choice or even a complete design

Quality With CustomLogoCases you will receive high-quality and are backed by the warranty and money-back guarantee.

Colors We are able to match your styling and colors. So basically whatever you want we can create!

Manufacturing Laptop Sleeves

We design and manufacture laptop sleeves that can be customized with any design or logo from the beginning making sure our clients get exactly what they need. From customized Neoprene shades to ideal size for their laptops from printing to finalization of the graphics.


Singapore's custom giftshop makes laptop sleeves made of sturdy Neoprene. Neoprene is also referred to as polychloroprene and is a part of a group that includes synthetic rubbers. Neoprene is extremely flexible in a variety of temperatures. It is also extremely strong and able to endure the rigors of. Neoprene is employed in the production of a variety of products and applications including laptop sleeves, as well as orthopedic braces for legs, wetsuits to surf and automotive components like fan belts.

We also put an zip or the fold close in our sleeves. Zippers are the most sought-after close method and the zipper that is on the horizontal (long) aspect is the one with the highest common zipper position. We utilize a top-quality large zipper. It is because larger zippers are generally larger than smaller ones, able to withstand higher pulling forces, and are more likely to not break as often. This is crucial when they are part of a product which is used to open and close often, and exposed to a wide range of pressures and uses. From the everyday use of school children use, to professionals and professionals, it's better to be secure instead of sorry. In the event that an item's zip breaks, it is destroyed.


The sleeves are meticulously made with high-quality neoprene, top-quality zippers and top quality thread to guarantee a long-lasting and strong product. They are produced with commercial equipment, and rigorous quality control is performed on the final product to ensure consistency of the product.

Types of Printing and Customization of Singapore's Laptop Sleeves

Based on a number of variables like the quantity you require in your budget, as well as what you'd like to see to  print on your laptop sleeves we offer several options for the final printing and customization on laptop sleeves. We can print on just one side or each side, or a basic logo in one color or more intricate designs. The following are typical ways we print on laptop sleeves:

1. Silk or Screen printing on sleeves This is the most cost-effective and easy way to print on sleeves. We employ a tough fabric dye that doesn't rub off or rub off, or fall off. The dye can be printed in the range of four to five colors directly on the Neoprene. The advantages of this are that it's easy and cost-effective. However, the downside is that the printed image can't be as precise.

2. Heating Transfer Printing - if you have a photograph or design that is complex, we can employ the method of heat transfer for printing sleeves. This is a great option if you have a unique style, as well as the base color of the sleeve you would like to keep. In this case, for example, we can make an sleeve in blue, and place your artwork on top. This would give you the blue sleeve , and the artwork too, the most beneficial of both.

3. Digital CMYK Printing - if you're looking for a complicated and complete sleeve it is possible to do this without needing to create massive quantities of custom Neoprene. We can basically use a custom-designed neoprene to (UV Digital Print) print your CMYK artwork. After your artwork is printed, we will then convert the neoprene that we printed custom into an sleeve. This is a great option if you have a complicated design or an underlying color that you want to keep

How to order your very own customized laptop sleeves

It's not difficult you just need to provide some details so that we'll be able to provide you with quotes and lead times, artwork and cost.

We'll just require to know how many are you able to require?
What device do you have in mind? If there are multiple devices, be sure to list all the devices or dimensions that you need
What color would you like them be? If you are able to send brand guidelines or style guides which list the colors of your company, whether in cmyk, pantone, whatever you've got
What would you like to see to be printed on them? Logos, pictures, or both? Send your artwork in the format of source or at the best resolution you can get it in
When and where are they needed? This is crucial so that we know what's possible in the context of your specific timing requirements.

Once we have the information we will be able to provide you with a few options, proofs of artwork as well as lead times and pricing.

Then we'll locate an appropriate color for the neoprene, if you require one, and we can begin the process of sampling. It is usually like this:
We send out an unintentional sample so that you can assess the quality
We to match your color using a Neoprene
Once we have your approval once we have your approval, we create your pre-production sample and then mail it to you by courier to ensure your approval
Once we have your approval once we have your approval, we begin the full production of your sleeves
After we've completed the work once we have completed it, we will typically forward your sleeves to you.

What does laptop sleeves that are manufactured price?

This is an issue when it comes to custom-made sleeves. It's similar to going to a car dealer and saying you'd like an automobile. It's not so simple since there are a myriad of possibilities. The first is the brand, after that the model, the various options for every model. The same is true with sleeves. It's all about the amount you require as well as the speed you'll need them, the dimensions of the sleeve, as well as the information you want to print on the sleeves.

Why choose us to make your custom manufactured laptop sleeves ?

We don't claim that we're the most expensive however, we think our sleeves are stunning and provide value in terms of price.
We make high-quality sleeves
Warranty - Our sleeves are covered by a guarantee.
Money-Back-Guarantee - we stand behind our sleeves. If you aren't satisfied with the final product we'll give you a full refund.
We have experience - we've made sleeves and have produced them for a wide range of businesses over the years which is why we know the requirements and know how to design attractive and top quality sleeves